The EAntenna’s COBWEB version is one of the best sellers in our European dealers.

With only a weight of less of 5 Kg, our version is very heavy duty antenna with easy to mount and the results are always better than an single band dipole or any vertical tested and compared.
There are 2 power rating versions, 500W and 3kW.

Very small space antenna for your roof

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Elements per Band:11111
Frequency Range:14,0~14,3518,06~18,1721,0~21,4524,8~25,028,0~29,7 MHz.
Gain: (dBi)77777 dBi *
Bandwidth 2,0:1 SWR208170167156184 KHz.
Bandwidth 3,0:1 SWR362299293271337 KHz.
Impedance:50 Ohm
Max. Power: 500W - 3 kW.
Square size.2,78m / 9,1 '
Turning Radius:1,97m / 6,5 '
Wind Survival:≥ 160kmh / ≥ 100mph
Weight:4,80 Kg / 10,6 lbs